My Dad and I are pretty different. He’s fine detail, I’m big picture. If you read one of my blog posts and find a typo in it, you can be sure that I haven’t sent it to Dad for a forensic proof-read. He’s read two drafts of this and suggested that I get my ‘dads’ consistent – he recommended going with upper case ‘Dad’ all the way through. I defer to the master!

This year marks my full-time move into the Time & Space program work and Dad has quietly responded when I have needed a hand.

“Hey Dad… can you pop over and just help me get what’s in my head, down on paper?” Dad crosses town and is sitting next to me, asking all the practical questions, prompting and suggesting. He does the same but different things for my sister, brothers and all our kids (his grand kids).

Yesterday I needed someone to step in for the opening night of the 2010 Time & Space program at St Kevin’s College. A couple of circumstances for my usual helpers meant that it looked like I would be running solo. Someone needs to greet people at the front desk, do a couple of other administrative things for the program set-up. With only a few hours notice, Dad was there.

Michael McGirr recently shared his insights (in The Age) about Mary MacKillop who is to become Australia’s first saint on the 17th of this month. She once wrote, ‘never see a need without doing something about it.’ Dad read that line and said that for him it is all about helping his kids and grand kids where he can. He has been technically ‘retired’ for a few years but that term couldn’t be further from the truth in the way he has launched into the next phase of his life. Dad is actively helping his busy adult kids.

So when you’re asked ‘who’s in your corner’, what name or face is the first that comes to mind. If you can, get in touch with them and let them know how much you appreciate their support. I’d love to hear your thoughts about who this person is for you or how they felt when you got in touch to say ‘thanks’. Feel free to write your thoughts in the space below.

Time to give Dad a call. He’s read the drafts – you know that’s already happened. Thanks Dad.

Thanks for taking the Time & Space to read this.

Bill Jennings