Bumped into a former colleague yesterday – top person. She had just received some bad news that she had missed out on a promotion. Tough when that happens – vulnerability is exposed. In the time I was chatting with her, someone else came up and said, ‘bad luck’.

You probably recall a similar experience. You put yourself out there, experienced disappointment and everyone wants to commiserate with you. They’re being kind. You know that. All you want to do though, is crawl under the nearest rock.

I remembered that her Aussie Rules team won the premiership this year. Asking if she managed to get a ticket, she said she did have one but she passed it up. From little girl and now as a young woman, she had always gone to footy with her dad.

“One ticket doesn’t get you two seats… I decided to watch the game with my dad on the TV.”

That is kindness. I do believe the universe looks after us – something even better should come her way soon.

Thanks for taking the Time & Space to read this.

Bill Jennings