Here are two more short, sharp insights about good men in the view of a couple of dads from Ballarat.

My Brother, (name withheld), honoured and loved his wife and showed real integrity watching her die for five years.

When my son-in-law came to me telling me he wanted to marry my eldest daughter.

A couple more examples of a good man thanks to the fellas from Ballarat. Unstinting and loving sacrifice in the first instance and a bit of old fashioned honour in the latter.

Next post, we’ll tap the wisdom from the Year 7 boys (13 year olds – their ideas of who/what makes someone a good man). But don’t forget… you are welcome to offer your own opinion in the space below.

What do you think make up the characteristics of a good man? Who is a good man you know and why is he is a good man?

Bill Jennings