In this week’s Good Man series, we are asking what are the characteristics of a good man.

Today we tap the insights of some Year 7 boys from a school in Ballarat. At a Time & Space event last month, these young blokes were asked if someone had given them the space to ‘step up’ or they had taken an opportunity to step up and show their capabilities, their maturity and show that they are on their way to becoming a fine young man. There are some great examples here…

When my dad had an injury and I said I would do the mowing for him. And now it’s a regular thing.

Yes because I’m good at moving the sheep on the motorbike.

When ____ first let me use the ‘Whipper Snipper’.

Last year I stepped up to helping my friend when he was not really happy.

There’s a palpable pride in these boys’ comments. At the evening, the boys really understood that concept… they had an intuition about moments in their life when they ‘stepped up’. When young people are invited to be generous, fill a gap when they are genuinely needed, the foundations of adulthood are made stronger.

In the next post, you’ll see how the dads and mentors have noticed the acts of kindness in their boys that show the characteristics that will help them become fine young men. Did you have a moment where you where invited to step up?

Feel free to write your thoughts below.

Bill Jennings