What are the building blocks to adulthood? Can we spot when a young person is stepping up to the next stage of their life?

Some Ballarat dads penned some beautiful insights about their boys recently.

Young People Step Up in Tough Times

Recently when we had a family member pass away, my son was able to show initiative and help out with his younger siblings. (MK)

Next door neighbour’s funeral. Son had the choice to attend school swimming carnival or go to the funeral… chose the funeral and missed out on being part of a winning team. (RR)

When I had to go home to my mother’s funeral… he made it easier to go by being strong. (MP)

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, we tended at the beginning to keep it from him. There was a moment in the hospital when he asked “Mum – why didn’t you tell me? You will beat it!” We were both astounded at the way he coped with the serious nature of his mother’s illness.” (AM)

Young People Step Up into Responsibility (and they love being with you)

I went to cut a load of wood one day and my son insisted he come even though he knew it was hard work. I know he didn’t want me to be alone or do all the hard work. (RA).

Yes, he’s wanting to drive machines, cars, motor bikes… wants to help dad with business… wants to go camping with dad. (AB)

He shows great skill and concentration moving sheep. (BS)

Yes, when he said he wanted to help with the house. I said no but he kept saying he wanted to come and help. (TS)

When I’ve headed away to work and he has stepped up as the man about the house – (cutting/collecting) wood etc. (DL)

I was going to head off on a bike ride by myself. My son told me he wanted to come along with me. We talked about things… he talked, telling me what he found interesting… (BL)

Young People Step Up by ‘Serving’

My son often displays ‘grown up behaviours’ especially if someone needs help (i.e. people with a disability). He demonstrates a desire to volunteer. (BM)

He helps other people and he is always ‘stepping up’ in his acts of kindness. (DM)

You did the dishes without being asked. Gave your mum a hug out of the blue! (MC)

The Gold

What is crucial here? The dads noticed.

These moments can be subtle. In the meeting point between a young person’s readiness and the older person’s intuition, there exists an opportunity to help form a healthy young adult.

The seeds of maturity are there in our kids and catching these moments is key.

If you are a mum, a dad, a mentor, a teacher… when did you see a stepping up moment in a young person?

Do you remember a stepping up moment of your own? Do you recall a person who made the space for you to step up?

Feel free to offer your thoughts and memories below.

Bill Jennings http://time-space.com.au/