Hi Everyone,

Earlier today I recorded a video discussion with Mr John Cortese Principal so that we could send a message to the Yr 7 girls and their dad or mentor at Notre Dame College. We both shared our treasured items as we both have daughters! Tonight would have been the night that Notre Dame College had had their Father-Daughter Time & Space session at school in the Mons Bones Hall. The College has postponed the event until later in the year and we will notify you of those changed dates very soon.

Tonight the Notre Dame Yr 7 girls and their dads or mentors are encouraged to do some activities that give you a taste of what the session will be like when we all get back together and gather as a community. All of the information is in the email that we have sent to you tonight.

Update – Saturday 28th March 2020

We asked those who participated to send us their ‘treasure photo’.

One of my favourite photos of Maggie

Brett Davis

This is a photo of Mia Ludeman winning her club netball best and fairest award in 2019. Mia and her Dad were both proud to win the award.

Chris Ludeman

My dad helped me and encouraged me through out the whole year to improve my skills and help me as a team player for DOOKIE. I love netball and playing for my club and I love it when my dad comes to watch and cheer.


Here are the treasured items for James and Morgan Yeatman.

Our treasures are memories and attitudes, so hard to pick just one, which photos are great for capturing.

Paul and Mia Dainton

This is a treasure photo as it shows a family outing to a Wetlands where we had a picnic and got to view birds.


Carsley and her grandfather share a beautiful bond that they both treasure.

Marli Kelly

This is one of my treasured photos of Ella, I think it captures her fun loving, happy and very cheeky nature.

Brad Tennent

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We’ve had to disable photos below because this would become the Time & ‘No More’ Space website (please forgive the dad joke)! But if you wanted to describe your treasure with word pictures please write your description below. What is your treasure? Who is it about? Why is it special to you?